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Strength Boards and More

Strength Boards or Weight Boards are a motivational tool to track your athlete’s progress or attendance in the weight room or during workouts. Strength Boards are made with a write-erasable surface for quick updates, and can be a key element to motivating and recognizing workout progress. All boards are custom designed with your exercises, tracking of lifters, and records. The All-Team option allows up to 125 athletes names on the board for tracking. Boards can be easily mounted to any surface through fasteners or using a variety of adhesive applications. They are lightweight, yet a strong enough for a portable application on the sideline or court.

Strength Boards are used in any structure to help coaches succeed. Great for: weight rooms, gymnasiums, field houses, or anywhere you want to plan, track and motivate your athletes.

Do you track use an electronic or projected workout system? Contact us about our new Electronic Options for your weight board.

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